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Hey Tom!

Here I am again.

My new record 2023 is about artificial intelligence and its use to defend us from the dangers of 2088. Below you find the protagonists of the story. 

AI is already disrupting our lives, and only a few months from now we will have unimaginable changes. I decided to create a record about this, about the disquiet but also about the beauty of this progress, which will lead to the birth of an out-of-the-ordinary friendship. 

The images, of course, are created with AI :)

I already have a good draft of the story.

Would be cool to collab on a track with you about this new universe.

Deadline: July 2023 (there's a lot of time!)

I can create a basic track that you could work on, or if you have an unfinished project I can work on it! 

For album and single artworks I won't use AI, only human artists.

I look forward to your reply.




Album Cover smaller smaller.jpg

Released on October 10th, it's the first album officially released through in history with vinyl sold with NFTs.

3 vinyl variants (Legendary, Epic, Rare - like in a videogame) actually sold out.

This album boasts collaborations from synthwave legends Timecop1983 and Compilerbau.

This new album set in 2087 tells about Extranet Corporation and its amazing MetaGraft™, that allows you to enter the most advanced metaverse ever, the Extranet Metaverse. 
Discover the story of Dr. Sirko, his assistant Shao Ming, J-Six, the world's most famous gamer, and how they will try to foil the Hackernaut attack.

The whole story is told in the 26-page booklet included with each vinyl, along with fantastic illustrations by Dreamfibre, author of the graphics for each NFT in the officially curated "Extranet Metaverse" series on (3 sold out drops- link)



Released December 17th 2021, with Ultrawave I tried to keep my signature sound, but filled with steroids. The aim was to push synthwave music to an "ultra" version. 

The album includes two remixes by ORAX and Macrowave.


Released on cassette and minidisc by Timeslave Recordings, two vinyl variants coming.​

My musical journey took me to an even more distant, obscure dimension, in a future where man's survival is put to the test by an empire made up of machines that has taken total control of the planet.

A small faction of rebels is trying to resist, to isolate themselves from the millions of eyes that are looking for them to eradicate them under a darkened purple sky. 

Listen to it HERE.



Released December 4th 2020, Neon Prince has strong synthwave and cyberpunk influences. It's inspired by my trip to Japan in 2019. 

Self released on clear vinyl, 200 copies.

Released on clear vinyl and tape cassettes by Timeslave Records

This album is set in Tokyo of 2085, and tells of a photographer, Kazuhiko, who lives in Shinjuku. 

He is passionate about neon lights, dark atmospheres, he dreams of capturing the perfect light in the night.

He will discover an extraordinary power that will lead him in a solitary space adventure.

Listen to it HERE.


Released November 1st 2019, it's my synthwave debut album.

Released on purple vinyl and tape cassette on Timeslave Records

(Actually sold out).

The album is the soundtrack for a sick 80s Outrun themed ebook, settled in Los Angeles of 2084. Each track is a chapter in the story. 
It's available to read for free here:

It reached 100000+ plays on Spotify in the first week after release.

Made with love with analog synthesizers.

Listen to it HERE.

Cover Ultimate.png

"Set Me Free cleverly uses classic elements and transforms them into something fresh and new..." Electrozombies


Neon Prince: included in best 2020 albums on Impatto Sonoro editors choices (Italian)



Synthmonster: 2° best debut album of 2019 on Retrowave Touch, one of the greatest synthwave communities


"Neontenic's "Synthmonster" is a blazing and brilliant album among the synthwave community. From a no-name producer comes this phenomenally produced album with extremely well produced content and addicting beats..." - Brutal Resonance


Video interview for ZeroLink Podcast, London


Video interview for Synthwavemania about Neon Prince




I started playing piano at the age of 6. After 15 years of study and several concerts as a solo pianist and composer, I discovered synthesizers and electronic music.


My first electronic projects date back to 2008. 

In all these years I have participated and played live at hundreds of events all over Italy and and experiments for the Italian Institute of Technology.

In 2018 I decided to devote myself totally to synthwave music and take on the new identity NEONTENIC.

I realized the first album in history with vinyl released through NFTs officially curated on + three records released on vinyl and cassette on Timeslave Recordings, English label reference of the genre. 

"An exciting outrun album with thick synthesizer sounds..." Interview for


"This was quite a shocking release to me when it came out." Included in best 15 albums of 2019 by Brutal Resonance 


"Revelation of the Italian and international synthwave scene" Interview for A History Of Style (Italian)


"I love the vibe of this album. It´s kind of dark but very melodic and emotional..." Interview for Sander Mebus on Neon Prince


Video Interview for Static Realms w/Rei Kennex




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