Hi Valentina!

Your request to create something different falls right into place. I really have a project in my mind to propose to you, and I decided to make this video for you to better explain it.

The Extranet Metaverse project comes from a very articulate concept, which will be part of my new album, which will be called precisely Extranet Metaverse.

My idea is to create NFT works associated with vinyl records of different rarity, like in a video game, with a booklet inside with all the story.

Whoever buys the NFT, is entitled to a certain vinyl.

For example, in a collection of 4 NFTs, with 1 NFT unique edition comes a legendary, one-of-a-kind vinyl, and here I would have a nice idea: a liquid-filled vinyl. It is made by a small Italian company.

Then an NFT with 10 editions, with 10 colored vinyls of epic rarity. 

Then an NFT with 50 editions, with 50 classic black, rare vinyls. 

Finally, also imagining an open NFT edition, there would be no vinyls there.


I would take care of everything: from production, to shipping, and also all the costs. 


I find it a very nice idea for a collector and an art and music lover to own a unique piece or very limited records available exclusively through crypto.com.


If you think it is inadequate or impractical, it’s not a problem. We can discuss it and I can come up with a better idea. I have no shortage of creativity!


Thank you for watching this video so far.


See you soon